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Five Dance Crazes That Need to Come Back

 Wikipedia defines a “dance craze” (or as they call it, a “fad dance”) as a dance “characterized by a short burst of popularity.” They also mention “novelty dances,” which end up having a longer shelf life because of their quirkiness or nostalgic value. Well, Wikipedia is wrong, because most dances started out as “fad dances” […]

Five Commercials With Incredible Dance Moves

While commercials can be an annoyance when interrupting our favorite shows or music videos, they also often charm us with their catchy tunes and funny set-ups. As Mad Men teaches, advertising has long informed culture whether we like it or not, but these five commercials have such great dance moves, we certainly don’t mind! #5 […]

Ten Movies That Accidentally Teach You How to Dance

 Some movies are dance movies, with a capital “D.” These movies seek to illuminate the already shimmering world of dance, and bring new converts into the fold. Dirty Dancing captured many an imagination, and straightened many a frame after Patrick Swayze chastised, “Spaghetti Arms!” But for every Dirty Dancing, there are many non-dance focused films […]

To Twerk or Not To Twerk? A Short Analysis

Ever since Miley Cyrus jerked her latex covered behind all over Robin Thicke dressed as Beetlejuice, the media has been abuzz with the concept of “Twerking.” Some people like it, some people think it’s the dance from the devil himself. But how is it different from other booty type dancing? Where did Twerking get its […]