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Wedding Dance Traditions From Around the World

Dancing is often a big part of any wedding celebration, but these dance traditions vary in different countries and cultures. Cajun: The Broom Dance Cajun people were often isolated from the rest of the world and there weren’t many churches or courthouses nearby. Engaged couples will ceremoniously jump over a broom to represent their marriage […]

The Best Wedding Dances From Movies

Wedding movies range from romantic to funny to bittersweet… but one thing that is always memorable is the dancing! Here are some of the most memorable wedding dances from movies… Hitch  These dance moves from Will Smith and Kevin James are so bad, they’re good. Wedding Crashers This wedding montage makes wedding crashing look like […]

The Best Random Movie “Prop Dancing”

One of our favorite parts of musical films is the way the choreographers sometimes have to manipulate a scene to include singing and dancing where it might not necessarily make sense naturally. Sometimes this results in movie magic perfection. Other times… you get people dancing with bowling balls. Yes, that’s right. Dancing with bowling balls. […]

The Steamiest Dance Sequences

They say that you can judge how someone is in bed, by how they dance… If that’s true, then these dancers must be some of the hottest people on earth because these dance sequences are so steamy it’s hard to believe they’re all from movies that are only rated PG-13 or R. Take the Lead […]

How I Met Your Mother’s Best Dance Moments

On this past Monday night, the series finale of How I Met Your Mother aired on CBS. The ending was a mix of nostalgia, sadness and laughs… Many fans came away with mixed feelings about the final episode, but even a lukewarm finale can’t undo the nine awesome years we’ve spent with Barney, Robin, Marshall, […]

The 10 Stages of Drunk Dancing

When you go to the club, you want to have fun and dance. However sometimes you require a little liquid courage in order to get out there and show your stuff. If you’re insecure about your moves, it might be difficult to put yourself out there totally sober but have too much to drink and […]