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Affiliate Program

We're developing a mentoring program to teach you how to produce, market, and distribute instructional videos of your own. Have a special skill that you think you can share with the world? Find out how you can turn your hobby into a lucrative business. We'll reveal how to sell your video on Amazon and we'll give you access to the three biggest distributors in the country. Join our affiliate program which shells out whopping commissions for all of our products and learn how you can partner with Learn Club Dance to start making money online today. Sign up below to get more information and access all of our affiliate resources inside or skip right to the Affiliate Center without getting the newsletter by clicking here.
Your email address is safe with us. We will never rent it, share it, or let it stay out late at night doing naughty things. Our mentoring program is still in the works. Sign up now to get all of the details first, or learn how you can become a partner today by joining our affiliate program.