7 Types of Ladies to Avoid on the Dance Floor

Last week we warned you about the 6 types of guys to steer clear of on the dance floor. Today, it’s the ladies turn. So study up before heading to the club tonight, gentlemen.


The Hive Mind
While the Hive mind is not the only animal that travels in packs, it is certainly the deadliest. This collection of lovely ladies will quickly close rank when approached by an outsider and is more than capable of dispatching of an inferior male specimen.

The Drunken Grinder
This Drunken Grinder can be spotted by her distinctive stagger as she makes her way from the bar. And while this lovely lady’s twerking would put Miley Cyrus to shame one must take care, as she’s been known to take the term grind at its face value.

The Inappropriate Slow Dancers
The music is thumping, the people around you are thrashing and jumping to the beat. Except for you. You are locked in the tender, soul crushing embrace of the Inappropriate Slow Dancer.

The Loose Cannons
If there was ever any doubt that you could have too much of a good thing, the Loose Cannons is your proof. To the outside observer, this generously endowed vixen might seem like the Holy Grail, but one must remember to be careful, otherwise you risk shooting your eye out.

The Dead Weight
Relatively rare at the start of the night, the Dead Weight only begins to emerge as the night wears on. Like something out of a Bob Marley song, this lovely lady has no qualms with leaning on you, the bar, or anything strong enough to support her body weight.

The Adam’s apple
This lovely lady can be recognized by her glamorous dress and killer dance movies. Many a gentleman has been so swept up in her charisma that they don’t even recognize her eponymous Adam’s apple. It makes you wonder, what other bulges she might not be disclosing.

The Wallflower
This lovely lady can be found lurking on the outskirts of the dance floor.  While the Wallflower may seem innocent enough to the untrained eye, one must be wary, for this cherry blossom is really a Venus Flytrap, looking for a free drink and a story to tell her friends at the bar. Talk about a man-eater.

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