5 Best Places To Dance Outside Of The Club

Don’t have enough money for the cover charge? Hate pushing your way through crowds just to get a drink? Would you rather pull your eyelids off than watching douche bags spill drinks on your shirt? Then maybe the dance club isn’t the best place to get your groove on. Check out these ideas to cut a rug without having to wait on a red carpet.

1. Street
A block party is the best part because a block party don’t stop. Just invite your friends, put a boom box in the window, crack a few beers and bring the party to the streets. Tearing it up the black top you are sure to attract attention. Let’s just hope it’s not the cops. Plus, you can see neighbors and friends you haven’t talk to in a while. Nothing says “How’s the family” like performing the cabbage patch.

2. House Party
If you want to try out some of those new dances moves no place is better than the safety of your own house. Not only can you dance like you want to, you can leave your friends behind. Hell, it’s your party you can invite who ever you want. Your house. Your rules. It can last all night and no one will dare tell you how bad you are dancing in fear of getting kicked out.

3. Pool Party
A pool party is a great place to dance because if things get too hot you can always jump in the pool. Plus everyone is wearing bikinis and who doesn’t want to dance close to a sexy two piece. Remember that show on MTV called “The Grind” ? That’s how all pool parties should be. Dancing, DJ’s and a healthy amount of 90’s rap.

4. Roof Top
It’s not hard to raise the roof when you are above it! Nothing makes you feel sexier than dancing while looking over the entire city. This is where dreams are made. Plus, it’s just really cool. Who knows when Mumford & Sons will just start shooting their next video. It may be at your next hip roof top dance party.

5. Bathroom
This is the ultimate place to get your dance on. First of all, no one is watching you so you can dance how you like. Second, you’re probably naked so you don’t have to worry about cumbersome clothing. Third, you can play your music as loud as you want. Lastly, you can use a hair brush as a microphone if you want to lip sync. Rumor has it Beyonce came up with her Single Ladies video while in the bathroom. Maybe you next time the can will inspire you to shake your cans too.

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