20 Dance Moves You Can Use In Every Day Life

Businessman dancing on desk in cubicle

The dance floor isn’t the only place you can use your sick dance moves. Every day is a opportunity to show the world what you got. Use these ideas to cut a rug, even when you are just shopping for a rug.

1. Back Slide into the bath tub.
2. Go Around the World into a International Grocery Store.
3. Boomerang out of a PTA meeting.
4. Brush Your Shoulder Off at the barber.
5. Twerk while quitting your job.
6. Moonwalk your way out of a awkward conversation.
7. Achy Breaky you way into a Dallas BBQ restaurant.
8. Hammer Dance your way in between lines at the Home Depot.
9. Ickey Shuffle after winning your NCAA Bracket.
10. Do the Sprinkler when you dad tells you to go out and water the lawn.
11. Raise the Roof while working at your construction job
12. Use the Cabbage Patch to stir your pancake batter.
13. Use the Dice Shaker at Vegas.
14. Perform the Running Man in between work outs.
15. Box Step your way around a pile of dog poop.
16. Grapvine yourself out of a wine bar.
17. Heel turn when you see your exe coming down the street.
18. Dos-a-do with the person you get trapped in a revolving door with
19. Do the Twist when getting out of your pants after a big meal.
20. Do the worm to get underneath a stuck garage door.

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