10 Things NOT To Say To A Girl At the Club

1. Any comment on her weight.

Whether it’s “eat a cheeseburger” or “you really should be drinking Bud Light instead of regular”, no woman wants to hear anything regarding her weight.

2. Any comparison to an ex.

“Wow, you dance a lot better than my ex girlfriend” may seem like a compliment in your drunken little head, but there is a good chance your dance partner will run the other way.

3. “Can I have your number?”

Did you know that most women never return calls to guys they meet at the club? Sound like the young hip professional that you are and ask for a business card instead. 

4. “Me Me Me Me Me” 

You may think that your new prospect wants to hear all about your masters degree in basket-weaving or that time you drank an entire handle of Bacardi razz at your friend’s bachelor party. But in reality, this will make you look self-centered and arrogant. Focus on her instead and she will be a lot more receptive to your advances.

5. Pick-up Lines

I am not sure if any man has ever had a successful time using one. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong though.

6. “Are You Alone?” 

Some might argue against this one, because you never wanna be that guy who hits on a woman whose boyfriend is 5 feet away. But to me, this feels kinda creepy and serial killer-esque. Your new prospect is not gonna wanna go home with you if she feels like she may be put in some sort of of Law and Order SVU scenario.

7.  Tone down those compliments.

You may think she is the most beautiful woman you’ve set eyes on. You may think that she is optimal wifey material and you wanna shout it from the rooftops, but being overly-complimentary is gonna make you seem desperate.

8. Don’t Rely on the Same Techniques for Every Girl 

I know that everyone has their old stand-by methods, but don’t use them on girl after girl. Women talk and no one will want to dance with you if she knows you’re just using generic, stock moves.

9. Don’t Be Sloppy

We know that alcohol is probably your go-to way to calm nerves and increase confidence, but don’t get too confident. No girl is going to want to dance with you if you’re slurring your words and your breath stinks like tequila.

10. Let Your Dance Moves Do The Talking

Use what you’ve learned on your Learn Club Dance DVD and you won’t even have to worry about what to say.




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